CoGen Plant


In 2008 PEPCO launched a custom-designed Cogeneration Plant on site at the company’s 40,000 sq. ft. facility in Bristol, CT.

Using a 375 KW Cat generator, running on natural gas and connected to a Cain heat recovery unit, the cogeneration plant takes otherwise wasted water jacket and exhaust heat and provides power, heat, and air conditioning to the entire facility. All surplus power is put back into the grid, in order to reduce the overall load.

In addition to obvious cost and energy savings, the process also increases the overall efficiency of the fuel burned from 30% to over 60%.

All design, engineering, and control was performed in-house by the PEPCO design team, using the same equipment the company has used for years in the commercial power plant market.

The power unit runs 5 days a week and can be viewed by interested parties. To schedule a visit, or to learn how a cogeneration plant can be incorporated into your facility, contact a representative today.