About us


For nearly a century, PEPCO has been the foremost provider of complete electrical distribution and control solutions for Military, Commercial, and Industrial applications.

In addition to designing and manufacturing electrical switchboards for the US Navy’s most advanced submarines, destroyers, and surface warfare ships, PEPCO also provides a vast range of non-shipboard system solutions, including:

  • Gas Turbine Engine Control Systems
  • Nuclear Fuel Handling Systems
  • Navy Simulators
  • Retractable Train Bridge Catenary Controls
  • Automated Fish Farms
  • Industrial Cranes

PEPCO can meet the most rigorous customer specifications for engineering, documentation, manufacturing, and testing of systems. The company’s 40,000 sq. ft. facility in Bristol, CT provides ample space for the manufacturing and assembly of projects both large and small. In addition, PEPCO’s internal team can assist with every aspect of your project, from CAD Drawings, PLC and Computer Programming, HMI Development, and Database Management.

Learn how PEPCO’s custom solutions can help bring your next project to life. Speak to a representative.